By Design: The Next Big Trends in Website Development

Like all things in the virtual world and online living things seem to move at the speed of light, and website designers are no exception. From the necessity of responsive design to the rebirth of parallax scrolling, tweaks to make video more compelling to the altering of simple color palettes, […]

The Next Five Big Trends in Mobile App Development

If the tech industry could share one overarching motto, it would be something like “ever forward.” And in no specific sector is that more true than in field of mobile app development. Indeed, designers are constantly seeking new ways to entertain, inform, network and generally make our lives more seamless […]

Money Talks: The Latest and Greatest in Online Payment Services

For a very long time PayPal has ruled the world of online payments and ecommerce transactions. With the click of few buttons users do away with the need for clunky bank transfers and antiquated check writing hassles.

But, as is to be expected in our capitalistic juggernaut, success breeds competition, and […]

Amp Up Your Digital Marketing with Google Analytics

It’s obvious to any digital marketer—whether they be a nonprofit organization seeking to recruit donations, time and talent or a strictly for-profit concern simply chasing the success that comes with the almighty dollar—that utilizing Google Analytics is a great way to hone your online strategies in order to make the […]

Tapping the Emotional: How to Use Facebook’s New Reactions Feature for Your Non-Profit’s Social Media Strategy

This week Facebook rolled out—to great fanfare—its new Reactions feature, a very welcome addition that finally allows users to forgo the simple “like” button that, to be honest, doesn’t always fit the occasion. With the new Reactions option, we can now express “love,” “ha ha,” “wow,” “sad” and “angry” when […]

Site Shaming: Google’s Long-Range Plan for Safe and Secure Webpages

There was a time in the not-so-distant past when website owners, designers and administrators didn’t necessarily see the value of spending the extra time and resources ensuring their sites were safe and secure from the prying eyes and nefarious actions of hackers. And the results from such negligence were obvious: […]

Understanding and Leveraging the Power of “Digital Disruption”

On the always-busy, forward moving road of digital technologies (sometimes the pace of advancement is astounding and even a little scary) it should come as no surprise that there are bound to be a few bumps and potholes. And among the hazards of taking dizzying leaps into the future lies […]

Video Rules: Tips for Creating “Distributed” Content that Gets Attention

It’s no great surprise that life online is increasingly a quest for instant gratification when it comes to up-to-the-minute entertainment and information. And, according to Bridget Colling, director of content strategy for nonprofit strategist See3, today it’s all about “reaching people where they are, instead of expecting them to come […]