Optimizing an Email Campaign for Fundraising Effectiveness

Today’s non-profit organizations have much at their disposal to connect and engage with supporters. Social media efforts, specialized events, crowdfunding … it’s never been easier to stay in touch with dedicated volunteers and financial donors. And yet, many non-profits aren’t leveraging one of the most tried-and-true methods of communication: an […]

What’s in a Name? Whether or Not to Purchase a New Domain

In the age of online living, it can sometimes be difficult to determine hoax from truth, safety from scam, fact from fiction. And so it goes with the rise in new, themed domain extensions that are the talk of tech boards, blog posts and the virtual world in general.

Indeed, many […]

Seeking Smart Design: The Best Practices for Non-Profit Blogs

There was a time in the not-so-distant past when a non-profit’s online presence was viewed as secondary to live-and-in-person efforts. Perhaps an organization would have an e-newsletter or email campaign, or a simple website with sparse details about goals and missions and some streamlined contact information, but anything more considerable […]

Join the Crowd(funding): Strategies for Successful Non-Profit Campaigns

Crowdfunding—also known as crowdsourcing—has become a potent and viable means of raising money for thousands of non-profits around the globe. Indeed, if done correctly, such a campaign can see full funding for a particular effort or event. However, if approached in a haphazard manner or not given enough attention to […]

Tis the Season: Making it Easy to Give Year-End Donations

As any non-profit guru or, for that matter, financial analyst will tell you, the fourth fiscal quarter of any year—October, November and December—is the hottest time for garnering monetary support from your donor base. After all, people are anxious to max out those yearly tax write-offs, and the general aura […]

Pushing the Right Buttons: Adding a “Donate Now” Option to Your Facebook Page

For non-profits, there’s little doubt that having a fun, informative and attractive Facebook page can really boost supporter engagement and enhance an organization’s visibility. Unfortunately, with the exception of a small handful of groups, the social media giant hasn’t yet invested the time and money necessary to allow for a […]

Purchase Power: Translating Buying Behaviors into Potential Donor Dollars

Communication managers for non-profit organizations often find themselves struggling with one inherent problem of fundraising: determining what avenues and channels best attract the different elements of a varied demographic base. Whereas older generations still respond well to direct mailers, slightly younger people prefer email campaigns, and still younger individuals react […]

Profiling Like a Pro: Understanding the Demographics of Your Instagram Audience

Analytical tools have changed the way we digest important information on everything from website effectiveness to Facebook engagement to Twitter insights. And now, popular social media site Instagram is the latest to get a truly valuable profiling tool, a new service that gives users vital data on their audience breakdown […]

Courting Corporate: Utilizing the Opportunities of Company Philanthropy

Today’s non-profit organizations have lots of avenues to explore when seeking monetary donations, from public and private fundraising events to email, social media and crowdfunding campaigns. But too often one major source of potential is overlooked or dismissed by a cause-related board of directors or internal staff: the power of […]