Crafting the Ideal Web Design Request for Proposal

“I need to have a website designed…How much will it cost?” It’s a question that both creates both excitement and anxiety for website designers. No two websites are equal after all, and as any designer will tell you every project begins with the Request for Proposal (RFP). Here is where […]

WordPress Sites Under Attack

Large-scale attacks on the Internet are unfortunately nothing new, and the latest brute-force effort is currently targeting usernames and passwords for WordPress sites in an effort to take control of tens of thousands of servers. So if you’re a WordPress user, now is the time to beef up security and […]

Evernote Announces Mentorship and Development Competition

Evernote, the infinitely handy suite of software and services designed for notetaking and archiving, announced recently the launching of a month-long mentorship program designed to recruit developers interested in creating products for the platform.

Called Evernote Accelerator, teams will partner with senior developers at the company’s headquarters this coming October and […]

Google Fiber Begins a Countrywide Expansion

Anyone who has ever dealt with the frustrations of slow Internet speed—videos that freeze up mid-stream, long waits to download large files such as movies and the dropping off of Skype calls—can soon look forward to a watershed moment in connectivity.

Tech giant Google announced recently its expansion of Fiber to […]

Five best practices for optimizing website usability

In an era when websites multiply exponentially every day, it’s difficult to make yours stand apart and be noticed and read. Here are five easy ways to make your site easy to read and understand.

Be concise: Website readers tend to skim for information, so get to the point quickly with […]

Byte Technology Becomes Title Sponsor of 2013 Ghost Tree Racing Cycling Club

Byte Technology is an Asian-American-owned business based in Monterey (, California that provides website design and development services for companies looking to improve their marketing brand on the Internet.  The company has provides successful Internet solutions by creating unique and high-quality websites built around excellent customer service. By creating engaging […]

Byte Technology Celebrates Its 12th Anniversary on the Monterey Peninsula

More Than $275,000 In Community In Time Service and Financial Contributions Have Been Made to the Monterey Community

Byte Technology is an Asian-American-owned business based in Monterey, California that provides website design and development services for companies looking to improve their marketing brand on the Internet. Byte Technology is celebrating its […]

How to convert PSD to HTML

In the past decade we have seen a rise in the number of beautifully layered websites appearing on the internet; this is due in large part to a software program that most web designers cannot live without: Adobe Photoshop. The use of Photoshop has made easier for web designers to […]

Google’s Sergey Brin promotes Google Glass at TED 2013 conference

Yesterday Google co-founder Sergey Brin surprised the TED 2013 audience with an unannounced guest appearance. Brin’s short talk focused on Google’s newest innovation, Google Glass.

Google Glass will eventually combine the functionality of a smartphone with a pair of streamlined glasses.  The Google Glass visual display appears in the center of […]

Apple becomes the next high-profile cyber attack victim

Earlier this week, Apple disclosed that some of its employees’ computers were infected with malware in a cyber attack. This admission comes on the heels of other large organizations being hacked in recent weeks, including many media organizations, Facebook, Twitter, and the U.S. Department of Energy.

The hack was blamed on […]