Don’t Panic: Common WordPress Errors and How to Fix Them (Part One)

The vast majority of WordPress users managing and administering their own sites have most likely, at one time or another, received an error message or code that got their hearts racing and induced a bit of panic. Whether it’s the “white screen of death,” an inability to properly upload an […]

Better Blogs: 6 Tips for Creating Great Content

In today’s world of blogging, it’s hard to get noticed. After all, there are some 31 million active blog sites in the United States only at any given time, and to make your own content stand out from the crowd is certainly no easy chore. There are lots of questions […]

Bad Ideas: The Most Common Mistakes for Rookie WordPress Users

It’s little wonder that some 76 million websites worldwide are designed and administered via the WordPress platform given the ease with which any one—from tech newbies to Internet and design pros—can get their blog or e-commerce site up and running. Indeed, WordPress powers a staggering 26 percent of the Internet […]

Understanding SSL: The What, Why and When of Secure Sockets Layer

When it comes to running an e-commerce site—whether based on the WordPress platform or not—you can never devote too much attention to security. Just browse the news of the past several years and the number and frequency of major data breaches is enough to inspire panic: massive losses of customer […]

Built for Speed: Ways to Make Your WordPress Site Load Faster

Faster is better. True words no matter whether you’re running on a WordPress site or another platform. And why is speed so important? Consider this: when a visitor first lands on your page you have a severely limited amount of time—seconds really—to grab their attention and encourage them towards further […]

Center of Attention: Some Great Plugins for Popular Posts


Creating a ton of great content is a wonderful thing for a blogger utilizing a WordPress-based site. But what happens when—heaven forbid—you create too many stellar posts? What happens when your archive is bursting at the seams, and your visitors have to wade through a sea of posts to find […]

Shopping Spree: Some Great WordPress Plugins for Building an Online Store


You’ve come up with an absolutely brilliant idea for an online store. Your WordPress site is up and running and looking sharp. Now you’re ready to start marketing your wares or services and realizing some money. What’s next? The right ecommerce plugin.

But which one to choose? What features do you […]

Work Safe: The Best WordPress Plugins for Security

Anyone who has ever designed, used, owned or administered a WordPress-based website should be well aware that keeping your site safe and secure is of paramount importance. Indeed, it’s the very popularity of WordPress—more than 25 percent of the world’s bloggers, corporations and e-tail portals use the site, which translates […]

Under Attack: What Motivates Website Hackers

30,000. That’s the estimated number of websites that get hacked every single day on our planet. And whether those 30,000 attacks are merely annoying occurrences perpetuated by some bored teenager or a coordinated effort by multiple hackers that cause widespread devastation, each instance in nonetheless significant in that it illustrates […]