Under Attack: What Motivates Website Hackers

30,000. That’s the estimated number of websites that get hacked every single day on our planet. And whether those 30,000 attacks are merely annoying occurrences perpetuated by some bored teenager or a coordinated effort by multiple hackers that cause widespread devastation, each instance in nonetheless significant in that it illustrates […]

Plugging In: Updating Your WordPress Utilities Safely and Securely

Want to know the number one reason WordPress sites get hacked as well as the number one reason users experience compatibility issues? It’s simply because the site itself—including those awesome little plug-ins that allowed you to customize your pages—isn’t working off the latest update.

Indeed, with an open-source platform like WordPress—and […]

Why WordPress is the Best Choice for your Website CMS

When it comes to choosing a Content Management System to build and manage your website, the choices available might seem a little daunting, especially to a novice just trying to get their feet wet. Indeed, there are hundreds if not thousands to choose from, many geared solely towards professional designers […]

Plugging In: Must-Have WordPress Extras for Business Websites

As a business owner operating via a WordPress-based website, it’s important to leverage all the tools the amazing platform has to offer in order to maintain a competitive edge and keep your products and services relevant and noticed in the burgeoning world of online commerce. Indeed, the business that fails […]

Flying High: Some Truly Creative Ways that Drone Technology is Being Utilized

There was a time—not too long ago—that drone technology, while in its infancy, was being dismissed by many experts in product development fields as a passing fancy, a mere hobby or pastime that few people ever thought would have important real-world applications.

Fast forward to today, and we realize just how […]

Shopping for a Cause: Is AmazonSmile an Effective Tool for Nonprofit Fundraising?

The evolution of our cyberspace-driven world has drastically changed the way most non-profits now solicit and garner operating capital. Gone (mostly) are the days when cause-centered organizations stuffed flyers into envelopes and received a check back in the snail mail or reaped the benefits of plastic jars and point-of-sale locations. […]

Smart Selling: Tips for Creating a Successful E-Commerce Site

You’ve come up with the perfect products. You have a tremendous brick-and-mortar storefront. Your customers are extremely loyal and have helped increase your exposure and brand awareness through solid word of mouth. And now, you’re ready to take your wares into the virtual world by launching your first e-commerce site.

Unfortunately, […]

Under Attack: Why WordPress Sites Are So Popular with Hackers

30,000. That’s how many websites tech security experts and analyze estimate are hacked every single day, a staggering number even when you consider there are some 644 million active sites operating at any one time. And given these statistics, it’s little wonder why website security is such a booming business […]

Current Affair: The Importance of Keeping Your WordPress Site Updated

For anyone who owns—or has ever owned—a smartphone, tablet, desktop or laptop computer, the mantra that is constantly hammered into us is “update, update, update.” Why? Simply put, the software and hardware we use every day and depend on like never before is constantly in a state of flux, with […]

Stay Sharp: Keeping Your Small Business Fresh in a Digital Landscape

There was a time in the not-so-distant-past when having a brick-and-mortar storefront and good word-of-mouth recommendations were all you needed to run a viable and successful small business. But unfortunately for the nostalgic among us, those days are quickly waning. Today’s most effective businesses leverage, to a great degree, technology […]