More Insecure Content Blocked By Google Chrome

Beginning in January 2020, Google Chrome will start blocking more insecure elements on web pages.  These pages have “Mixed Content”, which is a page loaded securely via HTTPS, but pulls in elements from a non-secure locations.  The usual culprits are images or JavaScript files being loaded from a third-party site. […]

What You Need to Do to Get CCPA Compliant?

Cybersecurity is an issue that’s on everyone’s mind. If you visit a web site, it seems that you are forever haunted by emails, ads and other forms of artificial intelligence. For many consumers, this begs the questions, ‘what type of information are companies gathering about me?’, and ‘what is being […]

Get Networking: Using a CDN to Speed Up Your Site

Ever heard of a Content Delivery Network (CDN)? If you haven’t don’t fret, you’re not alone. Most people operating WordPress sites today have no idea what a CDN is or what exactly it does, but they’d no doubt find it pretty helpful.

Basically, a CDN service is a group of servers […]

Picture This: Automatically Add Instagram Photos to Your WordPress Site

There’s no denying the overwhelming popularity of Instagram and the impressive place it holds among social media sites. And for those owning, operating or administering a WordPress site, having a tie-in between Instagram and their pages can really boost hits and visits and add serious curb appeal that helps drive […]

Lights, Camera, Action! How to Create a Video Gallery in WordPress

It’s no great secret that WordPress is a pretty amazing program, and open-source jewel that allows users such great latitude of design possibilities. And among those possibilities is the opportunity to create a video library that can really increase the profile of a site and help engage visitors on different […]

New and Notable: What’s Coming With WordPress 4.9

Back in May, we took a look at what was coming down the line with the WordPress update 4.8. From a shiny new Events widget to tools that allow the display of images in sidebars without the use of a plugin or code, a great text editor for formatting posts […]

Take a Load Off: How to Be “Lazy” with Your Site’s Images

It’s no great secret that, sometimes, WordPress sites slow down a bit, become sluggish or take what feels like an eternity to load pages. And of course, there can be a great number of reasons why it’s acting lethargic: it could be that your site is under a “denial of […]

Free v. Paid: What’s the Best Choice for an SSL Certificate?

It’s an age-old question: just what is something really worth if you can get it for free? For WordPress users—or indeed for anyone running or owning a website—this question comes up a lot. Should you use free plugins or paid versions? Do free themes have the same impact as paid […]

A Wake Up Call: What the Equifax Breach Means for Website Owners

If there’s anything the recent Equifax data compromise calamity has taught us, it’s that all of us—143 million and counting, in fact—need to be more acutely aware of the dangers and consequences of hacks that expose personal information to the virtual world. Names, social security numbers, addresses, emails, bank account […]