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More Insecure Content Blocked By Google Chrome

Beginning in January 2020, Google Chrome will start blocking more insecure elements on web pages.  These pages have “Mixed Content”, which is a page loaded securely via HTTPS, but pulls in elements from a non-secure locations.  The usual culprits are images or JavaScript files being loaded from a third-party site. […]

Success By Design: Choosing the Right E-Commerce Platform

In the world of e-commerce—that virtual marketplace that has increasingly redefined how we shop and spend—the right design can mean the difference between boom and bust, soaring profits and slumping sales, simple success versus outright failure.

It’s important, therefore, that any site built specifically to generate revenue be designed in such […]

Seeking Smart Design: The Best Practices for Non-Profit Blogs

There was a time in the not-so-distant past when a non-profit’s online presence was viewed as secondary to live-and-in-person efforts. Perhaps an organization would have an e-newsletter or email campaign, or a simple website with sparse details about goals and missions and some streamlined contact information, but anything more considerable […]

WordPress 4.0: What You Need to Know

There’s little doubt that WordPress completely revolutionized the field of website design. Debuted in 2003, today the open-source blogging tool and content management system is the basis for 22 percent of the top 10 million websites—more than 60 million sites in total—making it the most popular blogging system in use. […]

Five Crucial Elements of Mobile Design

Designing for mobile continues to evolve, and whereas in the past we were content to deal with the problems of slow load times and incorrect rendering, small screens and slow networks, as the technology expands so to have the expectations—mobile users want fast, immersive experiences, and many website designers are […]

WordPress Performance Issues with Hosting

Is your WordPress installed and hosted with Have you noticed that it runs extremely slow, while other WordPress websites you’ve seen are so much faster? Where does the problem lie and how do you make your website load faster?

This is a common problem experienced by many WordPress sites hosted […]

WordPress Sites Under Attack

Large-scale attacks on the Internet are unfortunately nothing new, and the latest brute-force effort is currently targeting usernames and passwords for WordPress sites in an effort to take control of tens of thousands of servers. So if you’re a WordPress user, now is the time to beef up security and […]

2013 Website Design for Maximizing Marketing Performance

NARI Web Presentation
Presented: Wednesday, September 12, 2012
Location:  Cypress Cabinets

Industry expert, Herald columnist, and CEO of Byte Technology, Terry Low shares current best practices for effective website design and online marketing strategies to create an enhanced and engaging visiting customer experience. Included was an introduction to online productivity and website reporting tools.

NARI […]

Comparison: Content Management Systems (CMS)


Selecting and deploying a content management system (CMS) is one of the largest IT projects that many organisations will undertake. With implementation fees being in the millions of dollars, selecting the correct CMS package for your company is critical.

With so many options available on the market, it can be difficult […]