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Current Affair: The Importance of Keeping Your WordPress Site Updated

For anyone who owns—or has ever owned—a smartphone, tablet, desktop or laptop computer, the mantra that is constantly hammered into us is “update, update, update.” Why? Simply put, the software and hardware we use every day and depend on like never before is constantly in a state of flux, with […]

Getting the Message: More Tips for Achieving Inbox Zero

It’s an ideal we all should—or at least want to—strive to reach: inbox zero. Indeed, the very idea conjures an edenic work existence where we take a rigorous approach to email management aimed at keeping the inbox empty—or almost empty—at all times. The purpose of reaching such a goal is […]

Going Viral: How to Get Your Social Media Voice into the Mainstream

It should come as no great surprise that social media posts are a fantastic resource for anyone actively operating in the virtual world. Whether you’re a media-conscious blogger, marketing maven for a non-profit cause or a new or established e-tailer, having your content feed into multiple social media platforms is […]

Buying Power: What’s to Come in Online Financial Services

There was time when nobody would dream that it was possible to take a picture of a check and deposit it into a banking account. Or use a fingerprint to check out at the grocery store. Or even that a computer could track our purchases and alert us to the […]

Attention Getters: Tips for Effective Email Marketing

With the seemingly endless proliferation of websites, social media and online resources, it’s quickly becoming harder and harder to stand out from the crowd no matter your particular niche. Indeed, to differentiate and draw attention to your website, product line or service amongst the great virtual masses it’s now necessary […]

Finding Focus: Simple Tips to Ditch Workplace Distraction

No matter whether you’re a work-from-home telecommuter, high-powered executive with the coveted corner office or a resident of the ubiquitous corporate cube farm, constant distractions during the workday are a sad and annoying reality.

Indeed, being able to buckle down and focus intently on the many tasks at hand or instead […]

Success By Design: Choosing the Right E-Commerce Platform

In the world of e-commerce—that virtual marketplace that has increasingly redefined how we shop and spend—the right design can mean the difference between boom and bust, soaring profits and slumping sales, simple success versus outright failure.

It’s important, therefore, that any site built specifically to generate revenue be designed in such […]

Time is Money: Solutions for Monitoring Problems With Your Website

Consider this scenario: your website experiences an outage, but because you don’t monitor it on a regular basis it may be days or weeks before you notice. Repeat visitors to your site, perhaps concluding that you’ve intentionally shut it down for whatever reason, quickly let your page slip off their […]

The Next Five Big Trends in Mobile App Development

If the tech industry could share one overarching motto, it would be something like “ever forward.” And in no specific sector is that more true than in field of mobile app development. Indeed, designers are constantly seeking new ways to entertain, inform, network and generally make our lives more seamless […]

Money Talks: The Latest and Greatest in Online Payment Services

For a very long time PayPal has ruled the world of online payments and ecommerce transactions. With the click of few buttons users do away with the need for clunky bank transfers and antiquated check writing hassles.

But, as is to be expected in our capitalistic juggernaut, success breeds competition, and […]