Growing Your Email List: Seven Tips for Success

Wondering just how important it is to build and maintain an email list for your business or non-profit? Consider this statistic from Internet marketing professionals: the average email list degrades by nearly 23 percent each year due to opt-outs, changes in addresses and more.

That statistic may seem insignificant until you […]

Driving Donor Engagement: Five Essential Elements of the NPO Website

As a non-profit in today’s online- and social-media driven world, your website has a tale to tell. It has a message to relate to the world, a story about something needed, something neglected or something wrong that needs to be made right.

So the question is: what elements of your website […]

Passing the Word: Getting Supporters to Share your Cause

The fundraiser—whether it’s an inspired event, online appeal or one-time contest—should of course be considered an important component of any non-profit’s campaigning effort. However, ask any NPO media guru what’s the difficult part of generating interest in said fundraiser and their answer will no doubt involve achieving a well-canvassed publicity […]

Leveraging the SMS Text for End-of-Year Giving

It’s a certainty that there isn’t a soul in our wired world who appreciates email spam and annoying pop-ad ups, let alone the dreaded telemarketer call which seems to come at the most inconvenient times.

However, non-profit analysts are beginning to push an as-untapped method of reaching out to donors, especially […]

Four Tips for Marketing Your Next Fundraiser

No matter their size, scope or mission, nearly all non-profits will, at some point, plan and organize the Holy Grail of the charity world: the fundraising event. Whether it’s a gala soiree, casual picnic or just a small cheese and wine meet-and-greet, events such as these build a sense of […]