How to Create SEO-Friendly URL Structures for Your WordPress Site

Search-engine optimization (SEO). If you know even a little bit about the way the Internet works when it comes looking for specific topics, themes, sites and the like, then you’ve probably seen this term bandied about for years. Essentially, SEO means that a particular web page contains elements that monster […]

Understanding the Importance of XML Sitemaps for Website SEO

It’s great to have a stellar and attractive website, one that was professionally designed to utilize the most current design trends with state-of-the-art plugins and all the accompanying bells and whistles. And yet far too many sites fall short in attracting the wide audience a website owner or administrator desires […]

Rank and File: Tips for Improving Your Position on Today’s Search Engines

If it seems that it would take several PhDs to understand exactly how the big search engines operate—from determining legitimate sites from imposters, choosing to give one site precedent over others in result listings etc.—that’s completely understandable. After all, these virtual ranking experts work on complex algorithms and a veritable […]

Do Keywords Still Make a Difference in Effective Website Search Management?

From their earliest incarnations decades ago, the one constant theme of search engines is change. Indeed, today’s Google, Yahoo and others barely resemble their clunky ancestors who returned sloppy and often meaningless listings for even simple searches. But then, with the advent of Search Engine Optimized tools, quality returns suddenly […]

Mobile-Friendly Searching: Getting Your Non-Profit’s Website Up to Speed

If you’ve initiated a Google search anytime recently, you may have noticed a new designation underneath the listed results: “mobile-friendly.” It seems that the search engine behemoth is rolling out a new algorithm that will now rank sites based on how they render across the wide spectrum of mobile devices, […]

Three Overlooked Elements of Search Engine Optimization

For non-profits, much has been written about the importance of an efficient and effective website, that vital and all-encompassing portal connecting cause to cash, values to volunteers and so much more. And as such, a good deal of preaching occurs from industry gurus as to how best to optimize this […]

Debunking the Myths about SEO

There’s little doubt that search engine optimization (SEO) has fundamentally changed the Internet and how we view it. By promoting the visibility of certain websites over others during search results and establishing “rankings” based on such visibility, a web designer or developer can virtually guarantee strong and steady traffic to […]

7 Tips for Speeding up Web Page Loading

When a mega company like Google considers page speed to be one of the 200 ranking factors that influence a website’s position in search results, you know it’s an important component. Beyond enriching the user experience, loading speed gives you edge over the competition in terms of site traffic and, […]