Getting Engaged: The most popular non-profit web strategies of 2015

When it comes to building your non-profit’s online presence—a critical element of success as organizations jockey for attention in our ever-increasing virtual world—there are a host of marketing tactics you can take, and any one or a combination of all can greatly increase an NPO’s visibility to a wider audience, […]

Utilizing the Power of Video for a Successful Non-Profit Endeavor

All non-profit charities and organizations are constantly seeking the best ways to convey their message and mission to the widest audience possible. Too often, simply words on a website or in a paper brochure aren’t enough—in a world of visual bombardment, video increasingly stands out as one the best ways […]

Video Product Commentary using iPhone or iPad devices

If you have a the latest version of the iPad and/or iPhone, you have the luxury of recording video in high-definition. The video quality is outstanding and the audio is good. Just be sure you have enough lighting so the colors pop on the screen.

So by all means, absolutely leverage […]