Just the Facts: Web Hosting Truths & Myths

When it comes to the world of web hosting, myths and truths abound. Web hosting is complicated… or is it? The best hosts are free … or are they? Nothing is more important than a company with good customer and tech support … or are there other, more critical elements […]

Time is Money: Solutions for Monitoring Problems With Your Website

Consider this scenario: your website experiences an outage, but because you don’t monitor it on a regular basis it may be days or weeks before you notice. Repeat visitors to your site, perhaps concluding that you’ve intentionally shut it down for whatever reason, quickly let your page slip off their […]

Communication Breakdown: The Dangers of Getting Blacklisted

In today’s world where so many businesses large and small exist and operate in a virtual world, perhaps no scenario is scarier than to have the vital lines of communication between you and your customers come to a screeching halt. And yet, according to website monitoring service StatusCake, it happens […]

The Hack Attack: The First Steps to Take When Your Website is Compromised

Imagine this scary scenario: a website owner or administrator logs in to their website at the beginning of the day only to be met with a blank screen, an ominous “you’ve been hacked” message or, even worse, a mysterious redirect to an unsavory site which all visitors, clients and customers […]

The Need for Speed: The Overwhelming Benefits of a Fast Website Hosting

When it comes to building a website, there are myriad ways in which businesses large and small attempt to cut corners to save on costs. Perhaps it’s taking the do-it-yourself route and working from an inexpensive or free template; perhaps it’s enlisting a code-savvy friend to construct the site at […]