Getting the Message: More Tips for Achieving Inbox Zero

It’s an ideal we all should—or at least want to—strive to reach: inbox zero. Indeed, the very idea conjures an edenic work existence where we take a rigorous approach to email management aimed at keeping the inbox empty—or almost empty—at all times. The purpose of reaching such a goal is […]

Video Rules: Getting Started With the New Facebook Live

There was a time when live-streaming video around the globe was reserved for mega-corporations and celebrities. But now social media giant Facebook has put this exciting tool into the hands of anyone and everyone via their site, giving users the ability to broadcast videos to a worldwide audience with a […]

Going Viral: How to Get Your Social Media Voice into the Mainstream

It should come as no great surprise that social media posts are a fantastic resource for anyone actively operating in the virtual world. Whether you’re a media-conscious blogger, marketing maven for a non-profit cause or a new or established e-tailer, having your content feed into multiple social media platforms is […]

Less is More: The Dos and Don’ts of Facebook Advertising

It’s hard to determine whether or not Mark Zuckerberg himself truly envisioned what his simple social media platform would become 12 years after he first launched the site from his college room in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Indeed, what started as a way to connect with people in an online world has […]

Buying Power: What’s to Come in Online Financial Services

There was time when nobody would dream that it was possible to take a picture of a check and deposit it into a banking account. Or use a fingerprint to check out at the grocery store. Or even that a computer could track our purchases and alert us to the […]

Attention Getters: Tips for Effective Email Marketing

With the seemingly endless proliferation of websites, social media and online resources, it’s quickly becoming harder and harder to stand out from the crowd no matter your particular niche. Indeed, to differentiate and draw attention to your website, product line or service amongst the great virtual masses it’s now necessary […]

Understanding the Importance of XML Sitemaps for Website SEO

It’s great to have a stellar and attractive website, one that was professionally designed to utilize the most current design trends with state-of-the-art plugins and all the accompanying bells and whistles. And yet far too many sites fall short in attracting the wide audience a website owner or administrator desires […]

Understanding the How and Why of Website Hacks

Website hacking is an unfortunate reality in today’s cyber-driven world. And whether the site is for a mega multi-national corporation, a mom-and-pop e-tail site or just a personal blog, the results can nevertheless range from mildly annoying to financially devastating.

To understand just how prevalent website hacks are, consider these statistics: […]

Missing the Mark: Why Legitimate Emails Head Right for the Spam Folder

It’s a common and absolutely frustrating problem: you send an important email to a friend, colleague, family member etc. and, when you hear no response or feedback you follow up only to find they never received the message. Upon further examination the recipient discovers it got automatically dropped into their […]

Just the Facts: Web Hosting Truths & Myths

When it comes to the world of web hosting, myths and truths abound. Web hosting is complicated… or is it? The best hosts are free … or are they? Nothing is more important than a company with good customer and tech support … or are there other, more critical elements […]