Taking Action: Optimizing your Online Communications

Let’s be honest: monetary donations are great, and for many non-profits the most critical element of their operations. Money represents real value in any cause-related mission, allowing an organization to make tangible things happen, whether it’s feeding the hungry, teaching the underserved or rescuing animals in danger.

But too often non-profits […]

Playing it Safe: Why Encryption Makes Sense for Your Site

The incidents of security leaks for major corporations are well known and, especially over the last year, well documented. From Target to Home Depot, Chase to eBay, Living Social to Zappos, virtually every big-business entity has been the victim of some sort of malicious incursion into their site, resulting in […]

Six Crucial Questions to Ask When Engaging a Website Designer

No matter your particular reason for wanting a website—a personal blog, new corporate identifier or budding e-commerce business perhaps—it’s tempting to go the cheap and easy route when hiring someone to design the site. Indeed, many people fall prey to some typical pitfalls: getting a friend or family member to […]

The Benefits of SSD for Web Hosting and Beyond

Faster response, greater reliability, increased energy savings, decreased price…all of these are no doubt important ideals to strive for in the world of Internet technology, no matter the specific niche. And when it comes to the issue of web hosting—much of which is now moving into the realm of Solid […]

Why Your Non-Profit Should be Using

Imagine this scenario: you’re a principal in a budding startup with a strong volunteer base, a crystal-clear mission statement and some very powerful backers ready to throw their full support behind your philanthropic cause.

What’s missing from this equation?

The answer is tech support: computers, printers, software, wireless capabilities and everything else […]

In the News(feed): Facebook to rework promotional content controls

Anyone active on Facebook is all too familiar with the advertising and promotional content that has, over the past two years, snuck into the News Feed page. Indeed, between posts about a friend’s new baby, the odd political rant, who just completed their first marathon and the like, it’s more […]

Debunking the Myths about SEO

There’s little doubt that search engine optimization (SEO) has fundamentally changed the Internet and how we view it. By promoting the visibility of certain websites over others during search results and establishing “rankings” based on such visibility, a web designer or developer can virtually guarantee strong and steady traffic to […]

Leveraging the SMS Text for End-of-Year Giving

It’s a certainty that there isn’t a soul in our wired world who appreciates email spam and annoying pop-ad ups, let alone the dreaded telemarketer call which seems to come at the most inconvenient times.

However, non-profit analysts are beginning to push an as-untapped method of reaching out to donors, especially […]

The Right Words: Five Tips for Effective Fundraising Letters  

Whether you choose to use your prose via dynamic website content, a targeted email campaign or simply the classic mailed correspondence, what you write in your fundraising campaign letter can make a huge difference in how it’s received. Does it strike the correct tone in describing your mission or cause? […]

The Big Thank You for Non-Profits: Five Ways to Show Appreciation

Volunteers. Donors. Staff members. They’re all wholly intrinsic elements of any and all non-profit organization. Whether they help plan fundraising events, write big checks or simply aid a cause by helping to spread the word about all the great things it’s accomplishing, their support is what makes a non-profit grow […]