Four Tips for Marketing Your Next Fundraiser

No matter their size, scope or mission, nearly all non-profits will, at some point, plan and organize the Holy Grail of the charity world: the fundraising event. Whether it’s a gala soiree, casual picnic or just a small cheese and wine meet-and-greet, events such as these build a sense of […]

Utilizing the Power of Video for a Successful Non-Profit Endeavor

All non-profit charities and organizations are constantly seeking the best ways to convey their message and mission to the widest audience possible. Too often, simply words on a website or in a paper brochure aren’t enough—in a world of visual bombardment, video increasingly stands out as one the best ways […]

Getting Creative: Nonprofit Fundraising Ideas to Consider

In an economy still not yet fully recovered from the recession of eight years ago, it’s no simple task to chase down donations for your charity. Indeed, in 2008 alone it’s estimated that charitable giving fell by nearly 10 percent, and it was only two years ago that those numbers […]

Thinking Outside the Box When Creating Visual Content

As much as social media managers for non-profits are constantly repeating the mantra “content, content, content,” in terms of engaging words, what sometimes gets lost in the shuffle is the importance of “visuals, visuals, visuals.” After all, there’s a good chance the person running your website didn’t go to art […]

Grab a Seat for Breast Cancer Awareness Month Event!

It’s that time of the year again when, across the country, summer slides languidly into autumn. The leaves begin their colorful metamorphosis, the air takes on a pleasant briskness and the promise of the holiday season looms large. October certainly signifies change.

But there’s another special significance to October: It’s the […]


Currently Seeking: Advanced-Level WordPress Developers with non profit experience.

At Byte Technology, we’re focused on serving non profits and dedicated to changing lives through technology. Interested in joining our non profit driven tech culture? Please submit your resume to

Byte Technology is proud to be an equal opportunity workplace. […]

WordPress 4.0: What You Need to Know

There’s little doubt that WordPress completely revolutionized the field of website design. Debuted in 2003, today the open-source blogging tool and content management system is the basis for 22 percent of the top 10 million websites—more than 60 million sites in total—making it the most popular blogging system in use. […]

Engaging Millenials in Your Non-Profit Cause

There was a time in the non-profit sector when attracting a wide variety of demographics to your cause was a much simpler task. Indeed, the spirit of giving and volunteerism was and is strong among the Baby Boomer generation, and just slightly less so in Gen-Xers. Research has shown that […]

Clever Ways to Generate Blog Content for your Non-Profit

Most non-profits organizations now incorporate some sort of blogging component into their website design and fundraising campaigns. But whereas setting up a blogging platform, putting all the design elements in place and the like is a relatively simple process thanks to such programs as WordPress, one problem which haunts many […]