Three Tips for Effective, Post-Fundraising Event Follow Up

Fundraising events are the lifeblood of many non-profit organizations. Whether it’s a gala dinner, casual cocktail or wine tasting party or an ongoing raffle or auction, getting your donor and volunteer base on the ground in the face-to-face interaction is a necessity for positive and effective engagement.

Too often, however, having […]

5 Ways to Optimize Your Website’s Donation Page

There are myriad ways to improve a non-profit’s website, from choosing the right fonts to keeping word counts in check to having subtle navigation and sidebars. But often the end goal of a website is to attract and garner donations for your organization’s cause. And for that, the donation page […]

Four Tips for Launching a Non-Profit Social Media Strategy

Like it or not, social media is a powerful entity in our world today, creating and defining everything from products and services to community involvement to an all-encompassing entertainment network that ties people together in ways previously unknown. And when it comes to building and sustaining a successful non-profit, leveraging […]

Five Things to Avoid on your Non-Profit Website

Imagine learning about a new non-profit start up that holds a mission near and dear to your heart. Excited with the prospect of learning more, you visit their website with the intention of donating money and your time or talent, only to find that there’s little to no information about […]

Attracting and Engaging Volunteers Through Your Non-Profit Website

For many non-profits, garnering volunteer support is paramount to their mission. Indeed, aside from monetary and in-kind donations, no other element can make or break an organization than failing to build interest from like-minded individuals willing to give of their time and talent.

Of course, any non-profit’s first foray towards gathering […]

The Advantages of Google Grants for Non-Profits

With our national economy still is recovery mode, even non-profits enjoying solid financial grounding need help. And for many organizations, the most advantageous help comes from getting people aware of and invested in their cause.

Fortunately, tech giant Google—which already offers a host of apps for non-profits—has introduced a novel way […]

Increasing Your Non-Profit’s Donor and Volunteer Base On Line: Part Three

Pick the Right Online Tools

You’ve got your social media campaign in place, your website is sleek and ultimately user-friendly for those looking to donate money, time and talent. Now it’s time to focus your energies with a powerful online fundraising tool to help back up the previous initiatives.

Since the advent […]

Increasing Your Non-Profit’s Donor and Volunteer Base On Line: Part Two

Streamlining Your Website

As vitally important as a social media presence is to the success of a non-profit (see part one of this series), your organization’s website shouldn’t take a back seat to it. Indeed, having a user-friendly site— rather than a clunky, hard-to navigate one—can mean the difference between attracting […]

Increasing Your Non-Profit’s Donor and Volunteer Base On Line: Part One

As with nearly all things in our current world, non-profit and charitable organizations are increasingly going tech in an effort to boost their presence and appeal to various donor bases. And in our still-recovering economic climate, using online resources to do so is an inexpensive and viable alternative to pricey […]

Five Free Contract Templates Just for Web Designers

No doubt most web designers would like to focus 100 percent of their time on what they love best about their job, namely design. But with the massive proliferation of designers inundating the freelance arm of the industry, business often needs to take center stage. And that means contracts, contracts […]