Six Resources for Keeping your Design Fresh and Easy

A post two weeks ago introduced four new trends dominating web design in 2014, including the rise of flat design and an increased use of infographics and e-newsletters. But, as with all things in web design industry, there’s much, much more coming down the pipeline, especially in regards to online […]

Four Trends Dominating Web Design This Year

In 2013 it was Parallax scrolling and an increased emphasis on typography, short videos and responsive design. But if there is indeed one constant in the always evolving world of web design, it’s that nothing stays static for long.

So what trends should professional site designers be keeping tabs on for […]

Using Eye Tracking Studies to Improve the User Experience

Whereas many believe website designers merely roam the corridors of art, graphic design and other creative fields, in fact today’s page builders are looking beyond mere right-brain-driven pursuits, culling science to help improve their work and, therefore, the site’s attractiveness to the end user.

Hence a new and proliferating series of […]

Three New Tools for the Future of Responsive Website Design

Web design is constantly evolving to meet the needs of the designers who propel our tech-driven world. And leading that evolutionary charge are tools that enable those designers to build websites faster and with greater efficiency, opening new possibilities for creativity and original thinking in an industry that sometimes gets […]

Eight Tips for Design a Site That’s Colorblind-Friendly  

Web designers today are constantly honing and refining their techniques and skills sets to meet the demands of an ever-changing user base. So it may seem that taking into account the web browsing needs of those who suffer from a form of color blindness or color deficiency is somewhat trivial […]

Four Startups Leveraging Leap Motion Technology  

It’s been just more than a year since Leap Motion debuted a dazzling new gesture-based controller that many predicted would be the go-to tool for everyone from gamers to app and web designers to artists and musicians, giving them the ability to interact with screens through hand movements alone.

But now, […]

10 Tips to Make Your Website Socially Engaging

Let’s be honest. Any and all websites out there should be appealing and intriguing to the reader on some level, drawing them into an experience and fostering further exploration. And one of the major keys to achieving this is to concentrate your efforts in the realm of social engagement. After […]

PayPal v. Escrow Services: Efficiency and Safety by the Numbers

As e-commerce has exploded in recent years, so too have the ways hackers and scammers can manipulate the various processes and that govern the transactions. Never mind if it’s a small ten dollar purchase or exceeds tens of thousands, a proliferation of online thieves and outright scammers have created a […]

The Evolution of the Full Service Marketing Firm: Part II

Throughout myriad industries, white labeling, outsourcing and partnering has become a commonplace solution for companies looking to increase product appeal and distribution and create a fresh momentum in customer engagement.

So just when is the time right to begin utilizing white-labeled subcontractors and freelancers for your business, and what benefits can […]