The Evolution of the Full Service Marketing Firm: Part I

There was a time in the not-too-distant past when businesses large and small took a wholly in-house approach to serving their clients needs.

Take, for instance, marketing companies, an industry that has proliferated almost exponentially in recent years due, in no small part, to the new challenges in advertising and promotion […]

Tips for Creating Inspired and Effective Website and Blog Content: Part I

The reality is most website owners, bloggers and even IT specialists struggle with creating relevant and appropriate content for sites, that which attracts readers and encourages further exploration on your pages. Indeed, even for seasoned writers it can sometimes be difficult to determine exactly what works and what doesn’t, and […]

Businesses Begin to Reach Out to Google Glass Users

Much debate has swirled around Google’s wearable tech effort known as Google Glass. And much of that debate has settled firmly, in a negative way, on the heads of users, who are viewed as, in the words of one writer, “tone-deaf, socially blind and congenitally self-righteous.” Indeed, businesses from coast […]

4 Tips for Understanding the Deep Web

“Deep Web.” The very name is mysterious, evoking images of a dark and murky place few people understand and even fewer people visit. Huge and anonymous, the Deep Web is that part of the Internet ideal for people who’d like to stay off the “grid” and maintain a high level […]

Tech Device Use and Sleep Problems: A Growing Problem

It’s a disturbing trend from coast to coast: sleep disturbances due to overuse of technology, especially cell phones. And according to researchers the problem is getting exponentially worse. However, it’s also one that can be solved.

A recent study revealed that extreme use of cell phones and computers may be linked […]

Five Great Online Resources for Web Developers

Even the most seasoned web developer can use a bit of help or advice from time to time. And fortunately, so vast is the web developer community that myriad resources are just a click away.

Whether you want to tune up your skills, overcome a vexing problem with coding, expand your […]

5 Resources for Staying Up to Date on Web Design

Once consigned to high-level professions—doctors, lawyers and the like—lifelong learning and continuing education is a hallmark of so many industries these days, thanks in no small part to the Internet and its mass of online courses that cover virtually any topic for any career or job imaginable.

Staying current should be […]

NASA plans to take 3D printing to soaring new heights

The potential for 3D printing has been well touted both in the press and in previous blog posts. But a recent announcement shows more clearly than ever that the pending applications for the technology are as far and wide and the mind can imagine.

NASA reported just this month that it’s […]