2013 Parallax Web Technology

Byte Technology offers parallax scrolling — a web design tool that brings depth and
drama to the visual experience of a web page. Last week posted a
list of sites that use parallax scrolling on their website. This design technology varies
the rate of scrolling and displays pictures from different angles, tricking […]

Colorado Gives Day

Today is a banner day for Colorado nonprofits. The third annual Colorado Gives Day began at 12 a.m. and will last until midnight. For months, nonprofits and charities throughout the state reached out to their audiences in anticipation of today’s fundraising drive. Colorado Gives Day is a great example of […]

Posting Ballot Photos on Facebook / Twitter

Social media has become mainstream and a comfortable communication medium for some to share almost ALL aspects of their lives. Sometimes, followers may perceive it as over-sharing, but for those posting online, the ease and simplicity of broadcasting historic moments in time has become extremely simple. Since social media is […]

Watch your language(s)!

Many businesses have come to realize that access to a global pool potential customers is only a few clicks away. Conveying your company’s products and services concisely has always been a primary goal for any website, but arguably even more importantly these days is being able to communicate to them […]

Help One Hand Talk to the Other (Teams, That Is)!

One of our clients came to Byte Technology asking to help improve their internal newsletter communications to their teams nationally. As a consumer product company, they have a dozen or so teams spread across the country working with sectors such as grocery store chains, value discount stores and multicultural markets. The […]

Byte Tours Latisys Data Center Facility in Denver

The Byte Technology team had a unique opportunity to get a behind-the-scenes tour of Latisys-Denver this week. Latisys is a data center facility that provides managed colocation services – multi-site redundancy, managed hosting and disaster recovery for mission-critical business operations. The amount of security and monitoring of their environment gave […]

Lakewood Web Design with Responsive Technology | Video Example

A sample of responsive web design in action.  Watch on a standard desktop browser how the web perspective changes depending on the size of the window.  As the window gets smaller to mimic the dimensions of a tablet or mobile phone, visualize how the design adapts to meet the need […]

United Airlines Website For Non-Stop Service From Denver To Tokyo

United Airlines recently announced their new daily non-stop service from Denver to Tokyo starting March 31, 2013. This route will utilize their new fleet of Boeing 787-400 Dreamliners, offering major comfort and amenities to flyers. Star Alliance partner, ANA will offer connections from Tokyo to the rest of Asia. The […]

2013 Website Design for Maximizing Marketing Performance

NARI Web Presentation
Presented: Wednesday, September 12, 2012
Location:  Cypress Cabinets

Industry expert, Herald columnist, and CEO of Byte Technology, Terry Low shares current best practices for effective website design and online marketing strategies to create an enhanced and engaging visiting customer experience. Included was an introduction to online productivity and website reporting tools.

NARI […] Outage 9/10/12

Was hacked? What really happened?

This was certainly the initial report of why the web-hosting giant went offline on Monday morning – A hacker going by the name of “Anonymous Own3r,” tweeted about being the cultrate behind GoDaddy’s problems.

As it turns out however, the issues were related to a series […]