The Write Words: Great Themes for Authors and Bloggers

As much as is said about the sheer versatility of the WordPress platform—available for everyone from simple e-commerce sites to mega-corporations, media outlets, design firms etc.—it may be hard to remember that the entire endeavor was begun specifically as a place where bloggers and writers could craft and share their […]

WordPress 4.8: What’s New and Notable in the Latest Release

Back in May we gave readers a sneak peek, thanks to WP Beginner editorial staff, of what was coming down the line with WordPress 4.8. The first major release of the year definitely promised some tantalizing changes and additions, features and enhancements, but the company was, of course, remaining tight-lipped […]

Feel the Heat: The Best Firewall Plugins for Your WordPress Site

No matter whether you’re a newbie to the WordPress platform or a seasoned professional, one thing that should never be forgotten is the important role security takes in regards to your site. Sure, the core WordPress program comes with fair security features, and if you’re on a hosted server there’s […]

Screen Play: Creating A Full-Width Page in WordPress


When it comes to many WordPress sites, visual page appearance is extremely important for the user experience. And of course WordPress themes come with tons of options to customize and create exactly the look you want for your blog, e-commerce store, company website etc. However, depending on the theme you’re […]

Working Together: Great Social Media Plugins for Your WordPress Site

If there’s one thing that can be said for certain about our virtual world, it’s that everything can somehow be integrated into something else. Basically, it’s becoming easier and more seamless to simply make every computer, every piece of software, every app and program get along with each other in […]

Making a Connection: Tips and Tricks for Designing a Contact Page


How many times have you browsed a website with content you really liked and, wishing to stay abreast of new developments or additions, you searched in vain for a contact page only to find there wasn’t one? It’s a unfortunate reality that too many site owners and administrators don’t put […]

The Latest and Greatest: What to Expect With WordPress 4.8

There’s little doubt that one thing dedicated WordPress users look forward to year after year are those always-exciting updates. And with WordPress 4.8 set to be released in less than a month, the online community is already abuzz with facts and speculations as to what the newest version will bring.


Thankfully, […]

Quick Fixes to Common WordPress Problems: Part 2


In Part I of “Quick Fixes to Common WordPress Problems” we looked into five of the most frequently encountered hiccups that occur for both beginning users and well-versed pros. But when it comes to “common” and “problems” in regards to the WordPress platform, there are unfortunately a great deal more […]

Quick Fixes to Common WordPress Problems: Part 1


No matter whether you’re a WordPress newbie or a seasoned pro who has been building and managing sites on the platform for years, it’s absolutely inevitable that, at some point, you’ll hit a snag and need some help. From image display issues to creating automatic updates for plugins to working […]