The Q&A: Great FAQ Plugins for WordPress Sites

For anyone who runs an establishing or burgeoning e-commerce website, questions from clients and customers are a simple fact of doing business in the virtual world. Questions about tracking shipments; about making a return; sales tax rates; how to contact a real human being if there’s a problem; the list […]

Picture Perfect: Building an Image Gallery on Your WordPress Site


When it comes to building your WordPress site, there are myriad options for creating a unique look that really defines you and your message, your product or service, your specific cause and so on. And many site owners, designers and administrators find that having eye-catching imagery is a great way […]

Feel the Heat: Great Tools for Mapping Website Interactions

Have you ever wondered if there was a way to gauge and chart your user’s behaviors while they’re on your WordPress website? Well, if you have, then it’s time to check out heat-mapping, programs that help you gain insights into user interactions such as where on your site they click, […]

Step By Step: How to Update Your WordPress Plugins

WordPress experts and designers constantly harp on just how important it is to keep your plugins updated all the time. Why? Two reasons. First, keeping your plugins updated and running on the most current versions ensures that any changes the third-party developer makes to them—changes that may increase performance, add […]

The Fast Lane: More Ways to Speed Up Your WordPress Site

As wonderful as the WordPress content management system is, by its very nature—capable of supporting hundreds of different themes, thousands of plugins and so much more—it can be quite slow at times. And that slowness can mean a lot to a popular blogger trying to retain a loyal readership or, […]

Getting Feedback: How to Add a Reviews Page to Your WordPress Site

When it comes to running an e-tail or e-commerce site via the WordPress platform, there are a host of elements that can help boost the chances for success and, ideally, increased profit. And while many admins fret over picking the right theme, layout, navigation options and the like, there’s one […]

A Mind on Design: Things to Avoid When Building a WordPress Blog

There are so many active blogs operating in our virtual world today that it would take countless lifetimes to read them all. Indeed, millions upon millions of individuals take to the Internet every day to share their thoughts, opine on a particular subject, share information specific to a certain theme […]

How to Create SEO-Friendly URL Structures for Your WordPress Site

Search-engine optimization (SEO). If you know even a little bit about the way the Internet works when it comes looking for specific topics, themes, sites and the like, then you’ve probably seen this term bandied about for years. Essentially, SEO means that a particular web page contains elements that monster […]